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€ 6,95 per A3 sample
(€11,95 for a sample with your own photo)

If you would like to see a sample print before you place your actual order it is possible to order a sample piece. For € 4,95 we send you a general sample with a random print and for € 9,95 you can have your own image printed as A3 sample. Shipping is free to several European countries.

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Please note
The sample print is A3 size. This print will only give an impression of the colors and of what the wallpaper will look like. The colors of the final wallpaper might differ slightly from a sample print.
If you provide a photo in an image orientation other than the one ordered (for example, landscape instead of portrait), the professionals of Repro.nl will decide how to crop the photo. Files delivered in a resolution that is too low or with the incorrect image orientation will be printed in advance without prior notification. If you retrieve a photo from the Internet, you should make sure that it is at least 6 megapixels and copyright free.


The photo is printed on non-woven wallpaper (150gsm). Non-woven wallpaper is strong, tear-resistant and can be lightly washed with a soft rag. The strips of the wallpaper are 47.5 cm wide and are therefore much easier to hang than the much wider strips that are regularly offered online.

Images are printed on full strips that are 47.5 cm wide, so it can happen that the last strip has an unprinted section in order to provide the format you stipulated. The number of strips is unlimited.

1 strip: 47,5 cm
2 strips: 95 cm
3 strips: 142,5 cm
4 strips: 190 cm
5 strips: 237,5 cm
6 strips: 285 cm
7 strips: 332,5 cm
8 strips: 380 cm
9 strips: 427,5 cm
10 strips: 475 cm
11 strips: 522,5 cm
12 strips: 570 cm

Hanging wallpaper
You do not need a wallpaper table because the adhesive can be spread on the wall. Non-woven wallpaper does not shrink – by hanging the strips adjacent to each other, a magnificent image is created on your wall. You can include wallpaper adhesive in your order.

Digital files
You can submit the follow file formats to Repro.nl: JPG, TIFF or PDF. When supplying a file to Repro.nl, you should ensure it has the correct resolution and image orientation. Photos taken with a digital camera with 6 megapixels or more can, as a rule, be enlarged and clearly printed on wallpaper. The average file size for a JPG file is at least 1 MB for a resolution of 50 DPI at the desired size. Another (better) option is to adhere to the following guideline: you need 700 pixels per metre to guarantee a clear, sharp print. Repro.nl will try to print your photos as clearly as possible. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to produce a sharp image in a large size from photographs of a poor quality. We bear no responsibility for the quality of the resulting image.

The automatic quality control does not take the desired size of the print into consideration; it is an indication only. No rights can be derived from this automatic quality control.