Rijksmuseum Collection: Floral Still Life 2

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This exuberant bouquet may look natural, but tulips, anemones, roses and carnations do not all bloom at the same time. Bollongier nevertheless managed to assemble a balanced composition. The still life was painted shortly after the Dutch stock market crashed in 1637, when many people went bankrupt due to the speculation in tulip bulbs. This festive bouquet may thus refer to the transience of earthly matters. (Bron: Rijksmuseum) 

With this unique painting by Hans Bollongier from 1639 on photo wallpaper you can give a room that finishing touch!

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Photo Wallpaper: Floral Still Life by Hans Bollongier
Still life with flowers. Tulips and other flowers in a vase on a stone affixing a lizard, a snail and some caterpillars crawling around. (Bron: Rijksmuseum)

About Hans Bollongier
Hans Gillisz. Bollongier or Boulenger (1600 – 1645) was a Dutch Golden Age still life flower painter. (Bron: Wikipedia)

Rijksmuseum Collection!
In our Rijksmuseum Collection we offer an unique art collection on photo wallpaper taken from the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. We will keep adding items to this collection so be sure to visit our website again.

The photo is printed on non-woven wallpaper (120gsm). Non-woven wallpaper is strong, tear-resistant and can be lightly washed with a soft rag. The strips of the wallpaper are 47.5 cm wide and are therefore much easier to hang than the much wider strips that are regularly offered online.

Hanging wallpaper
You do not need a wallpaper table because the adhesive can be spread on the wall. Non-woven wallpaper does not shrink – by hanging the strips adjacent to each other, a magnificent image is created on your wall. You can include wallpaper adhesive in your order. For best results be sure to order our wallpaper glue at checkout.