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Direct print behind plexiglass / acrylic glass

Let us print your favorite photos in top quality. We use 4 mm thick plastic, glossy. The colors stay bright as we also print white ink! This brings your images to life and gives your memories the quality they deserve. The optional chrome spacers complete the print, with them your photo on plexiglass will look like it "hovers" over your wall.


When the aspect ratio of the image is different from the aspect ratio of the dimensions you order we will create a crop of the image. Low resolution files and images in a different aspect ratio will be printed without warning. Please upload your image and you will see what quality the image has.
When you download an image of the internet please make sure that the image is at least 6 megapixels and royalty free.

Plexiglass works with 4 mm-thick PETG, a durable plastic with extremely good optical characteristics. The PETG is printed on the back in mirror image so that the photo on the viewing side is covered by a thick, glossy layer of plastic.

We can process JPG, TIFF and PDF files. Make sure that your image has enough quality and is royalty free. You need approximately 1000 pixels per meter. We will always use the most advanced printing technique available but we cannot be held repsonsible for a poor quality finalized print due to low resolution images.

It is possible to order the sheets with four predrilled holes accompanied by chromed spacers. The spacers have a diameter of 10 mm and hold the print in suspension 12 mm in front of the wall for a striking presentation.
Invisible mounts
Select the option ‘invisible mounts’ and will glue a 1 mm thick sheet of polyplate and an aluminium suspension frame on the back of the print so that it is suspended just in front of the wall. This mount is practically invisible when the print hangs on the wall and gives the print an interior design look.

Our automatic quality check only shows a "score" based on an avarage size print which is not based on the dimensions you entered.